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WEEKLY VLOG: Houston Holidays w/ the Fam, Kid Cudi 'Insano' Listening, and More Jams!

Peace, family. It took until the end of the month, but my first “weekly” vlog of the year is finally here! Get ready for a music-filled, wholesome recap of my holiday trip from Los Angeles to my hometown Houston.

S/o Blu, Iman Omari, Kid Cudi, Tim Woods, Allen Love (1/2 of Button), ChelcieWTF, Viiince, BLACK COLOR, Lita Styles, Samo Dinero, and everyone else who made appearances in this one ❤️.

I should be back on a regular schedule after this 🤞😬. Appreciate all the love on these so far! Like, comment, subscribe, and spread the good vibes if you got any from this video 🙏. Don’t stop creating…ever.

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